On Succeeding…

I am not going to jinx myself and think about all the firings I have lived through. Because I knew I was going to leave my position 30 days in. Thirty days in I was looking forward to not being in the office. Thirty days in and I felt like an outsider. Thirty days in I was being accused of being a sexual harraser.

I needed to stay for six months to claim unemployment thirty days in.

There was a level of frustration and desperation in my spirit when I updated my resume again. I was tired. Tired of trying to prove myself worthy of the 90 trial period. Prove I have the interest in what the organizations do for the world. Prove I am willing to get out of bed for the cause not just the money.

And in those thirty days, I stopped caring about the practical. I stopped caring about the nessecary evils. I looked for something I would like to do daily: design and communicate.


Wouldn’t you know I found that?

Oh yeah. In my fourth month I saw a position that screamed me. The money was nice and the location was walking distance (something I always wanted and technically had on several occasions.) in the, “I can actually walk this,” distance.

I was not mad about being fired yet. I had a destination wedding and a month’s severance. I was a month shy of my unemployment claim but I was not going to let the clock run out on me. I had come back from the brink and refused to let despair take me.

It was like when I signed up to go to England and my financial aid claimed I would have money to spare only to need another loan in the final hour. I was not going to wallow in defeat. I was going to England. It took a loan and some tight spending but I landed a job six weeks in and had a fun experience I carry with me today.

And I like to think this job will be like that. It is in a different venue than I am used to and the people are not the rigid professionals I have been involved with most of my life. I think I am going to like it here.